Top Speed Runs

Have you got a top speed video of your MRC Tuned car? send a link to a time, picture or video and we will put in our database of MRC Top Speed Cars
In 2007 Lucas' MRCd RS4 did 202mph on the Autobahn:

In 2008 we took our S4 B5 to a couple of VMAX events, our first attempt was 193mph at Vmax Redline

Then we tweaked the car, lowered it more, took the mirrrors, rear spoiler and wipers off and managed 198mph beating lots of exotica

A Golf Ed30 with MRC 420 kit on it sitting on the limiter in 6th:

In 2009 Lucas' RS4 managed the 200mph at VMAX - it is only 1.5 miles so he had put stock 6th gear back in and we tuned the car to rev higher.

An MRC Tuned 996 Twin Turbo also did 203mph

In 2010 and we went back with our S4 with a bit more power and our custom 6th gear - 202mph

In 2011 we took the S4 widebody and achieved 204.4mph. We also ran a customers Stripped Loba Spec S4 that achived the same speed

One of our French customers RS6 C6 MRC800 was filmed in car in Gernmany at 370kmh on the dash

In 2013 we took our R8 V8 single Turbo to VMAX and achieved exactly the same top speed as the S4 widebody - 204.4mph