Health Check


The MRC Health Check.

All cars are thoroughly inspected for any fault codes, and are run through a series of comprehensive diagnostic tests in order to ensure it performs as it should in stock form.
If it doesn't, we point out what issues have to be addressed before we can go any further. We will never tune an engine with defective sensors or poor performance due to poor servicing/maintenance.

To save you time and cost, we ask that your car is maintained to a high standard, Please use the following as a check list:

Regular health checks

No boost leaks/vacuum leaks, fluid leaks.

No fault codes

Correct/new spark plugs

Lambda sensors replaced at 60k intervals

One way valves replaced (these can be intermittently failing and not always testable)

Air filter is new and appropriate for the level of tune

Proper heatshielding to airbox is all in place - any aftermarket intake kits should have proper shielding so no air from engine bay is consumed

MAF is reading correctly. Any non standard MAFs or MAFs in custom housings will require stage 3 tuning.

N75 valve is operating correctly; preferably new

Cars should have at least 150mm clearance under the car to clear the Rolling Road. Any adjustment or removal of parts will be charged at £90+vat/hour

Genuine OE Diverter is fitted

Fuel filter is replaced every 20k/2 years or 10k/yearly on FSI.

Tyres should be road legal and aligned correctly. No track tyres or winter tyres should be used on the dyno.