Q?Fuel For Tuning

We will not map a petrol car that is ran on 95ron fuel. You have to use Tesco Momentum or Shell Vpower, or higher RON rated fuel to be tuned. There is a Tesco garage in Banbury. Do not under any circumstances use Esso97 that is on the way to MRC, as it is particularly bad on tuned cars.

Q?What are the stages of tuning?

Stage 1 is a “generic” tune developed by MRC Tuning for a standard car with no modifications.

Stage 2 is a “custom” tune for modified cars and is a tune developed for this specification of modifications. The car is checked and will be adjusted or chnaged so the car runs safe. This is for cars with intake, exhaust modifications on standard injectors and standard turbos. On more common modified cars with injectors and turbos we do have a stage 2 available. This is required for cars with precats removed, secondary air disbaled etc.

Stage 3 is a “realtime custom” so will involve multiple flashes or emulator tuning for highly modified spec of car. This is the best you will get.

Stage 3 can be used on a standard car.This is required for any cars with non standard mafs, injector, turbo combinations.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 tunes should be driven by the customer, so we can get as much feedback on how you want the car to feel so we can adjust the tuning to suit you.

Q?What is a “map tweak” and “map upgrade”?

A map tweak is where something has changed on the car and the tune has to be checked. You keep your oringal tune and timing and boost can be tweaked or functions disabled (secondary air injection removal, rear lambda, flap control, thorttle sensitivity, etc).

A map upgrade is when you modify a car and you require another remap that falls into a different stage, usually going from stage 1 or stage 2 tune upto stage 3. This will always give you the best tune on your car.

Q?How much is a “map tweak” and a “map upgrade”

A map tweak is usually £180 inc vat.

A map upgrade to stage 3 is the stage 3 cost with 30% discount and this includes dyno time. Please contact us for exact costings.

Q?Is the car checked prior to tuning?

Prior to any software changes, we do one of our Engine Health Checks. All cars are thoroughly inspected for any fault codes, and are run through a series of comprehensive diagonstics tests in order to ensure it performs as it should in stock form.
If it doesn’t, we point out what issues have to be addressed before we can go any further. We will never tune an engine with defective sensors or poor performance due to poor servicing/maintenance.
To save you time and cost, we ask that your car is maintained to a high standard, Please use the following as a check list:

  • Regular Health checks.
  • No boost leaks/vacuum leaks, fluid leaks.
  • No fault codes
  • Correct/new spark plugs
  • Lambda sensors replaced at 60k intervals
  • One way valves replaced (these can be intermittanly failing and not always testable)
  • Air filter is new and appropriate for the level of tune
  • Proper heatcshielding to airbox is all in place – any aftermarket intake kits should have proper shielding so no air from engine bay is consumed
  • MAF is reading correctly. Any non standard MAFs or mafs in custom housings will require stage 3 tuning.
  • N75 valve is operating correctly, preferably new
  • Cars should have at least 150mm clearnance under the car to clear the Rolling Road. Any adjustment or removal of parts will be charged at £88+vat/hour
  • Genuine OE Diverter is fitted
  • Fuel filter is replaced every 20k/2 years or 10k/yearly on FSI.
  • Tyres should be road legal and aligned correctly. No track tyres or winter tyres should be used on the dyno.
Q?What am i paying for in a Remap?

You are paying for the tuning of your, through time, development and expertise of MRC Tuning to get your car to a safe and optimum state of tune. The File or Edits in your ecu remain the property of MRC Tuning and should not be distributed, copied, edited or published. The file will be based on a standard OE file with only changes made by MRC Tuning.

Q?Do you still remap S2, urS4, urS6 or RS2?

We do still remap these cars but due to the age we have to insist on the car having new and genuine MAF, N75, ISV, throttle position sensor, diverter, lambda, coilpacks and boots, new uprated fuel pump with relayed power. The ECU has to be accessable for the emulator without damage to the emulator. We only do stage 3 remaps. We do not sell generic maps or chips for these cars. We will require the car to be left for 2 or more days and if any mechanical work is required this will be charged by the dyno hourly rate of £88+vat. The stage 3 price includes dyno time for 4 hours.

Q?Is Water Injection Safe?

Water Injection can give gains if setup correctly especially on cars with inadequate intercoolers. MRC Tuning will fit and setup water injection on request by the customer, but we cannot guarantee any parts damaged due to water injection. Setup costs are charged at dyno labour rate per hour, then in addition the time and map price. If using Methanol all aluminium parts will corrode when in contact with methanol, including turbos, heads, blocks, pipes. Pumps and wiring should have regular checks and you should use a kit that has a flow meter as an extra safety mechanism to prevent hydro lock or failure. WI kits should have a flow meter to protect engine and be proportional to airflow or injector duty cycle. Methanol is flammable and will burn clear so it is recommended for safety that it is mixed 50/50 by weigh t(not volume) so it is not flammable.

Q?What if the dealer updates my ECU software

We can reflash your tune if this happens. This is charged at our hourly rate.

Q?Does tuning affect my warranty/ Is it visible by the dealer?

No Matter what anyone says a tuned car can be dected if looked for hard enough, either by test drive and logging, or inspection of ecu contents. You should consult your warranty company on tuning.

Q?Do you do remote tuning?

We do not do remote tuning. You will always get better results to bring the car to us. We can give advice on remote tuning but remotely fault finding and diagnosing is too time consuming for us to make this an option we offer.

Q?Tuning Upgrade Paths

Before modifying your car you should consult with MRC Tuning that the spec is appropriate and you are using the correct parts. If the correct make and quality of parts are used we should be able to give you an estimate on what is achievable. There are some parts that manufacturers quote gains and we would not recommend to fit so please consult before you modify the car. If you have modified your car yourself you should bring the car for an inspection before the car is tuned to see if it is a spec adequate for your requirements on your Tuning Form.

Q?Remap refunds

If you are not happy in any way, and we do not meet your requirements on the Tuning Form filled out before the remap, we will refund the cost of remap minus the health check cost and any additional labour costs we have incurred fixing the car. You have 14 days from remap and you will need to bring the car back to put stock file back on. Tuning is at your own risk and cost. If you have any issues the customer should demonstrate this to MRC tuning to show under what conditions whatever is not correct.