Audi RS4 B7


> Servicing

prices inc vat
Health check

The engine 'health check' Ensure your car is running as it should, performed on the dyno


10K Service and Inspection

Fully synthetic oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter, Sump washer, Oil disposal, Full Inspection, Diagnostic Check, MRC labour

from £385

20K Service and Inspection

As 10k Service but with addition of spark plugs and fuel filter, MRC labour.

from £644

Inspection, Health Check and Dyno

Diff and Gearbox oil change
Gearbox oil, Diff oil, MRC Labour

Please have your service history available so we can assess when coolant, brake fluid, aux belt and tensioner, fuel filter and power steering fluid were last changed.

> Engine Remapping

RS4 4.2l V8
Stage 1

Designed for all standard cars and includes full throttle in all gears. Includes engine health check and dyno time.


Stage 2

A Stage 2 Map is custom to your car and performed on the dyno. Being normally aspirated every change to your car needs verified and proven on the dyno. Includes: Full throttle in all gears. VVT modifications. Linear throttle option in non sport mode. Secondary air injection disabled for running cold air feeds, no precats, racecats or no cats. Quiet mode start mode. Includes engine health check and dyno time

*£650 when performed with carbon clean


Stage 3

For all turbo or supercharged B7 RS4s This includes 4 hour dyno time. If the car is on the dyno longer than this we charge additional time per hour at £90+vat/hour

from £1500.00

Engine Remapping Package Deals

Buy any Full Milltek Exhaust with a stage 2 Remap and get 10% off the Milltek retail price.

> Engine Parts

Supercharger - TTS Performance Upgrade

Upgrade your RS4 with the TTS Performance Supercharger Kit

Basic kit of parts for the TTS Supercharger Upgrade Price is not including fitting or tuningCapable of 600ps/600nm running 14psi, 11.4 second 1/4 mile and will max out the gearing of 6th gear *.

*UK 99 Ron fuel, at 1000mBar Atmospheric Pressure and 20 deg C ambient

*Full spec: MRC Stage 3 Remap, Milltek Full Exhaust with no cats, MRC Fueling upgrade, MRC Cold air feed and MRC Filter.

from £9800

Labour for fitting TTS supercharger kit (18 hours)

Supercharger Fuel Upgrade Package

Low pressure in tank fuel pump upgrade, fuel filter, spark plugs for forced induction FSI

from £760

To get the most from the Supercharger you need:

  • No-cat or 100cell full Milltek exhaust
  • Cleaned intake ports and valve seats
  • Supercharger fuel upgrade package
  • MRC cold air feed and MRC filter
  • MRC Stage3 Remap performed on the dyno at MRC

Basic Carbon Clean

Carbon build up removed from intakes

From £600

MRC Full Carbon Clean

Inspection of intakes, ports cleaned and finished, valves cleaned and finished, valve seats cleaned and finished, all gaskets, documented pictures of clean on request

from £908

Stage 1 Manifold

Flaps removed from manifold, ported runners, reprofiled and ported trumpets. Not inc fitting and on exchange


Stage 2 Manifold

Flaps removed from manifold, ported runners, ported trumpets, Flap shaft is locked and more porting with step removed in runners. Not inc fitting and on exchange

* This cannot run on a stock map and has to be remapped to stage2


Cold Air Feed

Removal of RHS radiator, air box flap and addition of cold air feed with trumpet.

This will give more consistent intake temperatures and with a high flow air filter is the best you can do for consistant low temperature and high flow intakes.

Requires a stage 2 Remap with sec air removal.

Note: With any removal of the bumper, the bumper will not be adjusted from its original position, to factory height unless specified by the customer. This is due to the towing eye, which is used on the dyno, touching the bumper on bumpers that are set correctly.


> Exhaust Parts

All Catbacks will be set low on the bumper until the customer has heatcycled the exhaust. It will only then be set to the height requested by the customer. This is due to movement on new exhausts, on heating and cooling and to stop the initial movement from causing the tailpipes to touch the bumper and melt. Prices plus fitting
Milltek cat back resonated (quieter) and non resontated (louder) exhausts

Black and polished tailpipes available - please ask for options not shown below

Milltek non res

Including Exhaust Valves and Chrome tips

from £1920

Milltek non res

Excluding Exhaust Valves and Chrome tips

from £1235

Milltek No cat Downpipes

No cats for best flow, but are not road legal and will not pass an MOT. For off road use only

from £640

Precat Removal

Removal, or gutting, of precats from your standard downpipes. The 400 cell precats are removed leaving your 200 cell main cats giving you a lot less restrictive pair of downpipes. Lambda sensors are left in original positions.

*Requires a Stage 2 remap, as the rear lambdas are used to test for precat efficiency and this will fail the test if not coded.


> Braking

RS4 B7 380mm Performance Friction Upgrade Kit

The best 380mm upgrade kit for the factory brembo 8 pot calliper. Kit includes discs, bells, fittings, calliper spacers and bolts. This brake upgrade uses pads which can squeal

from £2070

Braided Hoses

Custom made braided hose with clear or black covering for all applications


> Drivetrain

Single Mass Flywheel

Designed as a direct replacement flywheel for stock clutches or aftermarket direct replacement clutch kits. Requires a new needle bearing fitting.


Single Mass Flywheel and Ceramic 6 Puck Disc Clutch Kit

Sachs Clutch and Flywheel Kit
From:from £1491.60

> Suspension

Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers
from £1716.00

KW V3 Coilovers
from £1764.00

H&R Anti Roll Bars
from £415.00
More Products Coming Soon