B8 S4 Development

STAGE 2+ | 500PS | 600NM

C7 RS6 Development

STAGE 1 | 700PS | 900NM

Restoration and Tuning

OEM | Widebody | rebuild

In-House Bespoke Fabrication


MRC Tuning wins Gold!

Audi Tuner award 7th year running

R8 V8 Turbo

SINGLE TURBO | upto 850ps | 1000nm




MRC Tuning Limited is a tuning house based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to do our mapping/testing/fabrication in house.

Dougal Bennet and Mihnea Cotet opened the UK business in 2005. In 2010 MRC moved to new premises with 3 ramps, 4 work bays, a state of the art 4wd dynomometer.

We’ve made our name with high performance Audis. The experience we’ve gained in these turbo charged cars is invaluable and we now produce cars over 850ps+ 1000nm+

Our resident tuner, Mihnea Cotet, has been at the forefront of tuning Bosch ECUs and VAG/Porsche for over 10 years. This means you get the very best map that is smooth, powerful and most importantly safe as designed by us.

Mathieu ColinBrice3 days ago

Daniel 'Dele' DruryHi guys, Can you do anything for the 5.2 FSi in the C6 S6?1 day ago

Stewart MackieYum Yum....!!3 days ago

Richard ToyJosh Bartlett3 days ago

Benjamin KroppRichard FU2 days ago

Toby BarlowMy S5 4.2 has been having flap issues... Been at Audi for nearly three weeks now. It has done 58k miles, what sort of work would it need to get it back to full health regarding carbon cleaning etc?3 days ago

Robert Cockings Motor Repairs Ltd (RCMR)306!!! I bet the owner will be stunned when he gets it back. Should feel so much faster if they do manifold etc at the same time3 days ago

Raphaël RodriguezThomas Rivière3 days ago

Kyle James LiveseyBen John-Hynes3 days ago

Jon WattI am sure this is my old car! :)2 days ago

Tyler ObrienJon Watt I was looking yesterday and thought this might have been yours! Then I seen it had a front plate ;)2 days ago

Its always nice to get feedback on what we do and a recent RS6 C7 we mapped to 713ps 1010nm , emailed to say: First chance to report back in from my visit. Can honestly say this is the best improved car I have ever experienced from a re-map many thanks. If I thought these cars could be this good it would have got into one ages ago. My honest opinion when I first picked it up the week before I brought it to you was a little disappointment. Fast but soft and didn't really do what I thought it would achieve in the driving experience, accepting it was an estate car at the end of the day and the reason for the purchase was the room was needed in the car and driving a diesel range rover daily was hardly a thrilling experience so the RS6 club joined but with a bit of disappointment I guess. I've just returned from a Le Mans road trip to do some testing out there the RS6 now has got to be the ultimate mile crunching daily drive anyone could dream of owning. The whole driving experience has been so dramatically transformed it's hard to explain. I'm not on Facebook but will try and get a post up on there done by a friend to tell other owners they would be mad not to get their cars booked in. I've had nearly ever turbo charged car I've owned fettled to try and gain that bit more but never achieved so much for spending so little. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Simon ThompsonYou guys did a stage 1+ on my C5 recently after being previously mapped by another company and even then the difference was night and day! You guys rock!1 week ago

Bruno CremerHow much does he mean by 'so little'? :D1 week ago

Von BjerringGODDAMN AWESOME!!1 week ago

Edward BradleyCan you do the newer ECU on the 8.5 facelift?1 week ago

Tim Atzekthe s-tronic is stock ? no hardware / clutch modification ? 612nm is huge. will there be no problems ?1 week ago

Jon EadonIt does say the box has had a 'remap' too1 week ago

Tom CockingsThat looks good wide bodied!1 week ago

Paul JacksonTemptation to swap my manual for an Stronic is even more tempting.1 week ago

Kevin Lee HuntleyWould you recommend an up rated clutch on the 6sp manual B8 S4 at stage 2 BHP?1 week ago

Benjamin StirlingStop posting things like this guys, the temptation to have this done to my car is huge!1 week ago

James ProsserLee Preece that's better1 week ago

James ProsserPreece1 week ago