B8 S4 Development

STAGE 2+ | 500PS | 600NM

C7 RS6 Development

STAGE 1 | 700PS | 900NM

Restoration and Tuning

OEM | Widebody | rebuild

In-House Bespoke Fabrication


MRC Tuning wins Gold!

Audi Tuner award 7th year running

R8 V8 Turbo

SINGLE TURBO | upto 850ps | 1000nm





MRC Tuning Limited is a tuning house based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to do our mapping/testing/fabrication in house.

Dougal Bennet and Mihnea Cotet opened the UK business in 2005. In 2010 MRC moved to new premises with 3 ramps, 4 work bays, a state of the art 4wd dynomometer.

We’ve made our name with high performance Audis. The experience we’ve gained in these turbo charged cars is invaluable and we now produce cars over 850ps+ 1000nm+

Our resident tuner, Mihnea Cotet, has been at the forefront of tuning Bosch ECUs and VAG/Porsche for over 10 years. This means you get the very best map that is smooth, powerful and most importantly safe as designed by us.

Ross RS4 B7 with Launch Control and Flatshift https://youtube.com/watch/… ... See MoreSee Less

Ross's RS4 B7 with Flatshift and Launch Control

6 days ago

Alex PinoOh myyyyyyy god. I've just done a sex wee........ Now that's what a car should sound like Mat Winky Wright6 days ago

KΓ©vin BillietClement Anthony Yohan Yo Yo6 days ago

Simon NewbornInsane6 days ago

Ross DCMy car!! Doug you're a god. Thanks !!6 days ago

'Dominik Verstraaten'James Latham Tony Dykes a real car right there!5 days ago

Anthony McnallyWow 😍 that must be kicking out around 500+bhp 😳 awesome sound6 days ago

Alan SimpsonStephen Forsyth6 days ago

Martin RussellThat just sounds simply awesome6 days ago

Iain BeddoesDaniel Birkinshaw Johnathon Teasdale Steve Noble6 days ago

Roger BeurskensFast & Furious MRC Style !!!6 days ago

James BoyceGreg Rodwell6 days ago

Graham ToyneBet you're chuffed with that Ross6 days ago

Gavin MylesFooking monstro6 days ago

Nathan ChadwickGavin Myles6 days ago

Hiran FernandoYou lucky man Ross DC6 days ago

Chris StowersKeep the carbon at bay!!6 days ago

Hiran FernandoMihnea Cotet - who needs Guy Fawkes when you boys can do that!! - sounds Damn good!!6 days ago

Alexis Dos ReisAlexis5 days ago

Julien GiroirRaph Rahff Raph5 days ago

Grant GardinerMarcin, lol, how to wake the neighbours in style. :D5 days ago

Steven WesnaI have APR SC 1320 with full milltek catless and in s mode it pops the same but I wonder if I am spitting flames. I think I might be.5 days ago

Greg RodwellJust do it. James Boyce6 days ago

Jack GilderJack Babbage Lewis Philcox6 days ago

Chris HetheringtonRobert Stevens6 days ago

James AyrtonAnthony Dominic 😍6 days ago

Jonathan WorsdaleRichard Jones1 week ago

Andrew JamesIt is awesome you cant get that out of the v8 or supercharged one son.1 week ago

Chris HetheringtonOwen Gardner1 week ago

Real RacerIt is a FAR more entertaining drive now, thanks Doug! The way it pulls to the redline is pure joy..1 week ago

Lee RichardsonAndrew1 week ago

Marlon TeniaAMG KILLER1 week ago

Andy WarrenThat's my dyno results but my car is the grey saloon this avant went in after. yes it's certainly quicker now than when it went in1 week ago

Simon Cardoso FerreiraClaudio Alexandre mate sa !!!!😍😍😍1 week ago

Tom Cockings678? Is it on 95?!1 week ago

Fontain MotorsIf you're trying to hide the competitor's name you've left it on the dyno sheet...1 week ago

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