MRC Tuning wins Gold!

Audi Tuner award 12th year running

Restoration and Tuning

OEM | Widebody | rebuild

R8 V8 Turbo

SINGLE TURBO | upto 850ps | 1000nm


Custom Builds

B8 S4 Development

STAGE 2+ | 500PS | 600NM

C7 RS6 Development

STAGE 1 | 700PS | 900NM




MRC Tuning Limited is a tuning house based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to do our mapping/testing/fabrication in house.

Dougal Bennet and Mihnea Cotet opened the UK business in 2005. In 2010 MRC moved to new premises with 3 ramps, 4 work bays, a state of the art 4wd dynomometer.

We’ve made our name with high performance Audis. The experience we’ve gained in these turbo charged cars is invaluable and we now produce cars over 850ps+ 1000nm+

Our resident tuner, Mihnea Cotet, has been at the forefront of tuning Bosch ECUs and VAG/Porsche for over 10 years. This means you get the very best map that is smooth, powerful and most importantly safe as designed by us.

Facelift RS3 was tuned by another company running 473ps and 706nm  with Milltek decat downpipe, A Forge turbo inlet pipe and and intercooler  MRC engine and Gearbox software the RS3 is now running 518ps and 750nm 
For more information please email 
Milltek Sport
Forge Motorsport
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MRC Tuning

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MRC Tuning

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I’m ready for stage 2 or even 3 on the S4 wat bhpwill I b looking at

Poate nu te prezinti cu un logo haudi :)))))))))

I wish you guys did remote tuning, I’m across the pond and have been following the business for years, I love the professionalism and everything you guys do!

As above πŸ‘

How do I get one of your badges for the back of my car.. it’s had your royal treatment from a previous owner but I don’t have the Finishing touches πŸ‘

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Manual B8 S4 came in for our stage 2 package, uprated crank pulley and belt, with intake pipe and panel filter. With our MRC engine software the S4 is now running 492ps and 599nm 
For more information please email 

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Marek Hulek

Did it come in with any other mods?

Lovely in red and saloon πŸ‘

Manual gearbox nice πŸ‘πŸ»

Gavin Green πŸ‘

Graham Billings

Kiarash Majidi

same engine Clarke Davidson....

Russell Tickner

This was one of my favourite previously owned cars, miss it

Chris Minke, ...mut Du mache tue! 🀩

David Hinds seeeeeeee, this is why I want an s4 fuckadooodledooooo

Romano Jordane sa commence Γ  bourrer la.

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MK7 GTI Clubsport S (manual) came in for sportscat downpipe, BMC high flow filter and turbo technics intake pipe.
With MRC engine software the GTI made 382ps and 532nm the torque was limited due to stock clutch also. 
For more information please email

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Stock is20 turbo or clubsport is is38?

does the downpipes make it sound better ?

What's the upper limit for torque on the manual clutches?

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Thanks for sharing MRC Tuning πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Chris Rew if I could trade my RS4 in for something it’s this!

Wow amazing

Jesse Le Jne...

Wow that's a stunner

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