B8 S4 Development

STAGE 2+ | 500PS | 600NM

C7 RS6 Development

STAGE 1 | 700PS | 900NM

Restoration and Tuning

OEM | Widebody | rebuild

In-House Bespoke Fabrication


MRC Tuning wins Gold!

Audi Tuner award 10th year running

R8 V8 Turbo

SINGLE TURBO | upto 850ps | 1000nm





MRC Tuning Limited is a tuning house based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to do our mapping/testing/fabrication in house.

Dougal Bennet and Mihnea Cotet opened the UK business in 2005. In 2010 MRC moved to new premises with 3 ramps, 4 work bays, a state of the art 4wd dynomometer.

We’ve made our name with high performance Audis. The experience we’ve gained in these turbo charged cars is invaluable and we now produce cars over 850ps+ 1000nm+

Our resident tuner, Mihnea Cotet, has been at the forefront of tuning Bosch ECUs and VAG/Porsche for over 10 years. This means you get the very best map that is smooth, powerful and most importantly safe as designed by us.

Golf Mk6R with TheTurboEngineers tte420, Wagner Tuning UK intercooler, Milltek Sport exhaust, 175bar prv, new injectors, Ramair Intake and MRC stage3 remap and stronic map. 1.9 bar to 1.65 bar 433ps 604nm.

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Chris Juggins

Good figures for 29deg and the fact this car runs a Sport Cat πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


Martin Rasmussen

Danijel Volf


Sam Keen

Cameron Collinge

Patrick Philippi

Jordan Murnin

Chris Gila

Dukai SΓ‘ndor

Serious 6R

Lucia Pena Garcia

Jordan Walkerr

Daan Vandersmissen

Jordan Walker πŸ‘€

Danny ❀️ Fabian Kenzi πŸ‘Œ

Ryan Ryy Pilkington Luke Cowley

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More testing this week on the next revision of the RS6 C7 intercooler

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Ryan πŸ‘ŒπŸ» excellent symmetry 😎

Peeter Kaera

Milomir Branka Vidackovic


More info after test this time pls πŸ™‚

Quentin Posselt Xavier Engler Gti

Liberato Cassella


David Slater

Tom Spencer William Grainger that's a serious intercooler

Amanda Kimberly

Dean Hughes

Charly wenn ihr euern noch hΓ€ttet πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Beautiful product πŸ‘

Sven Michiels

Joe Mullen

Looks awesome

Lucjan Kruczynski


Wow. A thing of beauty! Make sure you send us some info and pics for products in Fast Car magazine πŸ™‚

Maxi Blum Jan Kramer Daniel Zikeli-Pana Johannes Goettler ohaaaaa

Hi guys ! Is it compatible with S8 (D4) for my friend Laurent Ganem ??


John let's be the first to get it


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MRC Tuning shared a post.
MRC Tuning

Switchable maps on C7 RS6

... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Will this be available on the RS3 8V if already MRC tuned?

What about vw mk7R is there chance to have it!! And when?

Anything in the making for 8P RS3 ? Dougal Bennett

Jonathan Neil go for this

This possible on a c6 RS6?

Chris Darling

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Luke Hingley this is a true R8

Denny Moore


Roy Clarke thats what im talking bout


Ross Walker

Ken Pimperton

Linus Carlsson

Paul Cunningham George Pearson

Jason 😳😳

Paul Brown

Benjamin Parsons quick!!!!!!!!

Simon Clark Ed Sadler Chris Evans

Ollie McNamee that’s dam quick

Dom Copping


Sounds like a v10??

Dwain Ellington

Charlotte Wong bolted some big blowers to a v10 r8

Luke Cartwright

Upgraded shafts i bet

James Burns Jamie Doc😲

Craig check this bad boy out .

Jordan Mill

Ayoob Abdullah

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Arthur loving his Golf R 


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Is this the same guy that did the same with the 135i?

So many questions.

Jimmy Sebastien

Mohammed Parwez

Esben πŸ™ˆ

Emma Clark this will be me

Manual or auto?

Shane Fisher

Kylie Whitfield show Neil x

Jason Williams

Respect too him πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Alexander Skov Kristensen

Michael Omeros this is you!

Shaun Kemp Martin Smith 😍

Cool !

Shayne Moorman


Phelippe He Jey Wild

That will be us Dougal Bennett!!

Aprende GermΓ‘n DΓ­az

Mitja SergaΕ‘ ko bom Meu golfa πŸ˜‰

Pedro Rodriguez

Josh πŸ˜‚

Lee Wright Ryan Morrish

Al just a few years older people than you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

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holy f*ck...

sounds like a whipper snipper!

Benjamin Parsons maybe it's time!


George Pearson Paul Cunningham

Christian Howells


How big a job is the dq500 conversion?

Jonny Holt

Kim Ling

Wheelspin Ross ? Looks stupidly quick man

Gary Collins

Gary Collins

Alexis Vindrier fufu...

Jordan Mill

No wonder I couldn't catch it going on to the m40 on Saturday😍😍😍

Simon Keith Lemon Price.

Črtomir Privat Ključevőek

Josh Hamblin

Curt Biddlee

Steven Sebborn you need this

That’s me blagging a passenger ride at vtl 😁

Stuart Buchanan

Lee Tattersdale

Emmie Creevy Kallergi

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